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I have a custom plan request: what should I do?
I have a custom plan request: what should I do?

Follow this simple step to request a custom plan in WEkEO.

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The WEkEO DIAS provides several plans visible on our Computing page.

Please check the following article to learn how to submit an upgrade plan request: Registration and offer plans.

What should I do if I have a custom plan request?

It could happen that none of our advanced plans suits your need. In this case, please contact the WEkEO Support by indicating all the characteristics you want for your plan and the context of use.

You will be then contacted by our Commercial Team to get all the details about the feasibility, the price, the preparation time, etc. They will probably ask you additional informations, and they will inform you when your plan is activated.

What's next?

We are user-driven and we implement users' suggestions, so feel free to contact us:

  • through a chat session available in the bottom right corner of the page

  • via e-mail to our support team (

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