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What are the advantages of the Standard Virtual Machines plan?
What are the advantages of the Standard Virtual Machines plan?

Here is the list of benefits you get along with the Standard Virtual Machines plan for unleashing the full potential of WEkEO data use.

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Among the three types of plans that WEkEO offers, stands the Standard Virtual Machines plan which is one of the most advanced one and comes with a lot of powerful features.

💡WEkEO Pro Tip: to subscribe to the Standard Virtual Machines plan you can follow this article which explains How to upgrade plan?

Advantages of the Standard Virtual Machines plan

Here are the main assets of the Standard Virtual Machines plan:

  • Possibility to create and manage your personal tenant in a fully scalable way. For example, you could change from a tenant with 2 VMs to 6000 VMs within “a day” and still beneficiate of all the WEkEO datasets for each VM

  • You have your processors directly where the data belong. It is an important asset for large dataset processing, or AI algorithms that require most of the time large input/output bandwith

  • Direct access to data via a file system without HDA API (you could choose also to still use the Harmonized Data Access (HDA) if your program is already using it)

  • Number of requests is no longer limited

  • Faster access to the data: as soon as the new data have been produced, they are available on WEKEO. You could immediately consume/launch processing on this “fresh” data, no need to wait for the “downloading delay”

  • Faster processing: for example the loading of a Sentinel-2 imagery (800MB) takes around 8 sec on WEKEO, while the download and then the loading in your own configuration could take much more time. It has to be compared to your own configuration (we can't tell how much faster, since it depends on many factors, but the gap is significant)

  • No cost for traffic in and out below the limit of 100 TB per month

  • WEkEO tenant could be in fix mode or pay per use mode or a mix of them for a full scalability capacity and an optimised pricing approach. A mix with GPU is also possible

In a nutshell, you have a faster, easier and unlimited access to WEkEO data! 🙌

What's next?

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