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How to report an issue?

The WEkEO User Support is here to help! Let's find out how you can easily report an issue regarding WEkEO data or services.

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It could happen you are encountering an issue with one of the WEkEO services, including data access, Jupyter Catalogue, WEkEO JupyterHub, WEkEO Drive, Tenant Management, High Performance Computing (HPC), etc. (see all services offered by WEkEO plans).

Please be aware that, depending on the service, you should contact a specific User Support as summarized in this table.

When you want to report an issue (or feedback!) with any WEkEO service included in the Essential (free) plan, in other words related to the Data Viewer (and catalogue), WEkEO JupyterHub, Jupyter Notebooks Catalogue, WEkEO Drive, you can directly contact the WEKEO User Support.

In this article, we'll show how easy it is to report an issue to the WEkEO User Support! 😎

πŸ’‘WEkEO Pro Tip: for any issue related to services offered by

  • the Standard Virtual Machines plan (e.g. virtual machines, tenant management), you should create a ticket as explained in this article or contact the cloudferro user support at

  • the High Performance Virtual Machines (High Performance Computing, high speed access to the EODC storage, etc.), you should request information by clicking on the button of this page

Contacting the WEkEO User Support

For any question related to a service of the Essential (free) plan, feel free to reach us:

  • through a chat session available in the bottom right corner of the page

  • via e-mail to our support team (

You can open the chatbot at the bottom right of the website:

Elements to include in the support request

Here are the informations we need you to specify when contacting us:

  • The WEkEO service related to the issue: Data Viewer, Harmonized Data Access (HDA), JupyterHub, Jupyter notebooks, etc.

  • Essential information about the issue: what you were trying to do, error message, dataset you want to access (see how to copy/paste your query), your working environment, etc.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue so we can further investigate

πŸ’‘ WEkEO Pro Tip: we invite you to be as exhaustive as possible when contacting the two other user supports as well, so they can provide a better support.

Should you face any issue, we'll be happy to help you! πŸ˜ƒ

What's next?

Now you know how to contact us if you have facing any issue or want to share any feedback with us! You may want to check this article to know which user support to contact depending on the service involved in the issue.

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