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Getting started with the Standard Virtual Machines plan
Getting started with the Standard Virtual Machines plan

Discover the main features of the Standard Virtual Machines plan and the documentation to find your answers.

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Among the WEkEO offer plans (cf. Registration and offer plans), the Standard Virtual Machines (Paid) plan extends the Essential (Free) plan capabilities by procuring additional computing resources on virtual machines in the cloud.

The Standard Virtual Machines plan gives access to many features:

  • Virtual processing environments with fast access to WEkEO data

  • Direct access to Copernicus Sentinel data

  • Access to virtual machines with GPU

  • "Pay-as-you-use” or fixed term prices

📌Note: to access all these features, you need to upgrade your plan!

Once you upgraded to the Standard Virtual Machines plan, you'll have access to the WEkEO Elasticity dashboard and the corresponding Cloudferro's documentation.

💡WEkEO Pro Tip: to access your WEkEO Elasticity dashboard, you can click on your WEkEO profile (top right) and then on Tenant manager:

Access your WEkEO Elasticity dasboard easily via your WEkEO profile.

⚠️ If you have any questions related to the Standard Virtual Machines plan, please refer to this article to create a ticket to the appropriate user support (more info).

Getting Started

You will discover the intance sizes by clicking on the different public cloud regions in the article Available Instance Sizes:

Launch a Virtual Machine

This section covers the essential steps to set up and manage a virtual machine.

Tenant Management

This section focuses on the comprehensive management of tenants and their resources.


This section covers advanced techniques for enhancing your cloud computing experience.

What's next?

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