What data is available in WEkEO?

In this article we will see which fields of Earth observation data are available in the WEkEO DIAS.

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WEkEO DIAS provides direct, up-to-date and unreplicated access to Earth observation data from the Copernicus portfolio and the Sentinel satellites.

Data provided by WEkEO

Copernicus Services

Copernicus is the European Union's Earth observation programme, looking at our planet and its environment to monitor the Earth health and offers information services from global data from satellites and ground-based, airborne, and seaborne measurement systems (more about Copernicus).

Its activities are made available and shared with users through six thematic streams of Copernicus services, of which the following five provide the data also distributed in WEkEO:

  • Atmosphere (CAMS): global atmospheric composition

  • Climate Change (C3S): monitoring the climate change

  • Emergency (CEMS): management of natural disasters, emergency situations and humanitarian crises

  • Land (CLMS): land cover and vegetation

  • Marine (CMEMS): marine safety and resources

  • Security: information in response to Europe’s security challenges, as crisis prevention, both border and marine surveillance and support to EU External Action

Copernicus Sentinel missions

  • Sentinel-1: imaging radar mission (SAR instrument) providing continuous all-weather, day-and-night imagery at C-band, used for imaging landmasses and coastal zones

  • Sentinel-2: multi-spectral imaging mission, supporting CLMS studies, mostly in the monitoring of vegetation, soil, water cover, inland waters and coastal areas

    • OLCI: optical instrument used to screen the ocean and land surface to harvest information related to biology

    • SLSTR: temperature radiometer to provide global and regional Sea and Land Surface Temperature

    • Altimetry: topography mission to study the ocean topography and measure the sea surface height, wave height and speed of surface winds

  • Sentinel-5P: measuring the solar radiation reflected by and radiated from the earth, together with other atmospheric measurements for air quality, ozone and more others (more info)

  • Sentinel-6: latest radar altimetry reference mission for sea-surface height measurements

📌Note: a complete documentation about Sentinel data is available in the Sentinel Hub page.

All this data, a total of around 300 products, are listed and can be downloaded from the WEkEO Data Viewer Catalogue: How to access Earth observation data in WEkEO?

💡WEkEO Pro Tip: every 6 hours a metadata synchronisation is performed between HDA, Portal and Product navigator to provide access to all new products available on Provider side.

External data

  • WEkEO DIAS also offers the possibility to use and archive datasets not coming from Copernicus Satellites and services.

Using the Advanced offer, users can take advantage to the WEkEO infrastructure available to store and manage external data.

What's next?

To learn more about the format of the data delivered by each service, we invite you to read the following article:

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