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How to install the CliMetLab WEkEO Plugin?
How to install the CliMetLab WEkEO Plugin?

Discover how to install CliMetLab, the Python package designed to simplify access to climate and weather datasets.

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CliMetLab, a Python package from ECMWF, now incorporates the WEkEO Plugin for simplified access to an extended range of Copernicus service datasets. This integration streamlines the process by automatically configuring the WEkEO HDA, eliminating the need for manual monitoring of jobs and downloads.

CliMetLab enhances data management by storing and managing datasets in a cache, supporting various data formats, and enabling direct conversion to xarray datasets. With just two lines of code, users can effortlessly access and transform WEkEO datasets.

This article serves as a concise guide on installing the Plugin for seamless utilization. ๐Ÿ’ช

How to install CliMetLab in a Jupyter Environment?

There are three modules you need to download to use CliMetLab WEkEO Plugin.

Installation of mandatory plugins

CliMetLab Plugin

This is the original plugin, which brings all the convenient functions to handle different formats and the management of files. It can be installed using pip:

pip install climetlab

WEkEO Source Plugin

This plugin makes sure that CliMetLab can communicate with the WEkEO Harmonized Data Access (HDA) to download the queried datasets. It is also available on pip:

pip install climetlab-wekeo-source

WEkEO Datastores Plugin

This plugin contains all the information on the datasets accessible via ClimetLab:

pip install climetlab-wekeo-datasets

Import the CliMetLab Plugin

After installation of the three mandatory plugins, you are able to import CliMetLab to the notebook environment:

import climetlab

What's next?

If you encounter any issue by following the notebook, please contact the WEkEO Support.

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